About Us

Oman Product Finder was launched in 2012 as an exclusive brand directory for Oman market both in Print and online. Oman Product Finder has seen itself escalate as one of the most sought after brand information directories in the last decade, thanks to its all-encompassing, highly dynamic, and interactive interface that scans the length and breadth of products and services within the country and brings them to the corporate world, the industrial sector and the general public for cross referencing and perusal at any time. Moreover, the directory’s pragmatism and comprehensiveness has extended its reach to every corner of the Sultanate, making it a leading product and service guide nation-wide.

Further to its success, today, the directory has added several features, like Service listings and Company details etc, and, also the data is growing to cover the neighbouring countries.

Following the rest of the world, Oman Product finder enhanced the utility of the website with several interactive features. Every advertiser is well represented with a dedicated page, location map, all their brands and services and, the hit rate for the website has increased tremendously.

Oman Product Finder is Published by Synergy Advertising & Publishing. As a publishing company Synergy has list prestigious publication under its name.