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made in oman


Ozone is a leading brand offering high-quality Architectural Hardware and Safety Solutions. The company produces, supplies, and markets premium architectural hardware for commercial and residential applications and operating on an international scale with prestigious business associates in more than 40 countries across the world. With its state of the art manufacturing facility, comprehensive known how and efficient production processes, the company has earned the reputation of being a highly competent and reliable partner by its clients. Ozone has achieved many accolades for its innovative, technologically advanced, and quality products. The best evidence of such innovation is the revolutionary hydraulic patch fitting introduced by Ozone which does not require any pre-set to be made on the floor for installation. We have a range of product including glass door lock, door handles, shower fitting, floor spring, door closers, automatic sliding doors, movable acoustic wall partition, railing system and various other products.
  • Company Name : Ozone Hardware
  • Category Name : HARDWARE